What we offer

 What We Offer at the Bridge

  • A safe and stimulating environment providing an alternative approach to learning through practical skills and activities
  • A caring, welcoming and friendly environment
  • High staff to student ratios providing one to one support if needed
  • Qualifications and Certificates in Land-based studies (Animal care and Horticulture), Construction, Maths, English, ICT, Skills for Working Life and Employability (see below)
  • Bespoke timetable of vocational courses, personal development and additional curriculum activities based on an individual students needs and interests (see below)
  • Training in skills for working life, independence and employability
  • Flexible programmes, students can attend half a day to a full week
  • Opportunities for small groups of children to attend half a day from secondary schools to give them an additional experience
  • Support for young people- we help students to build their personal, social and emotional development primarily their self-confidence and self-esteem. Staff support students to engage in learning and develop life skills
  • Transition Work- we help prepare students for their next school or employment
  • Work experience opportunities such as in construction and support students to go on work experience placements
  • Close partnership working with schools, professionals, parents and carers
  • A thrive assessment for our bespoke students where we assess an individual young person’s emotional and social skills, considering the behaviours that may be causing a concern or interrupting a student’s learning
  • Termly progress reports.

We specialise in working with students in small groups or individuals who:

  • are on a part time timetable at school, or who no longer attend school
  • have missed a significant period of schooling
  • need additional support with their English and Maths
  • suffer from low self-esteem
  • will find the transition to further education the most difficult
  • need to develop independent living skills and prepare for work.

 Qualifications and Courses We Offer-

Maths and English

Our Bespoke students can undertake a personalised programme of Maths and English. We have a qualified functional skills tutors. Students benefit from a variety of creative and practical sessions to engage in meaningful ways to improve their Maths and English. Students can gain qualifications from Entry Level to Level 2 which is GCSE equivalent to GCSE grade 4 (previously a C pass).

Vocational Courses and Qualifications

Students at the Bridge are able to take part in a variety of activities and students aged 14 years and over can work towards qualifications in a variety of vocational courses. Click links for further information. Including-

Courses to work on building student’s confidence, communication and self-esteem-

Bespoke students undertake a range of sessions that support their spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Units include lessons in-

  • Art
  • Assertiveness
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Mindset
  • Citizenship
  • Bullying
  • Psychology (an introduction)
  • Relationships
  • Stress & Anger Management
  • Candidate Project
  • Sleep
  • Team Work
  • Healthy Lifestyles

Other activities and subjects for our bespoke students

Food Hygiene Retail experience in the farm shop Personal and Social Development
Catering and baking Independent Living Skills Horse care and riding
Gym Art and Craft ICT
Swimming Pottery Thrive Sessions
Physical activities Tractor driving  Geography and History
Career planning Music, piano, guitar and drums  Drama


Art and Crafts

We have a designated art and craft room for the students to enjoy a range of creative experiences. Students enjoy pottery, we have our own pottery wheel and kiln on site.

2016-01-25 15.42.34             crafts



Students learn catering skills in a large communal catering kitchen and dining area. Students serve cooked lunches to the students, staff and volunteers on a daily basis.

Students also have the opportunity to undertake a certificate in food hygiene. They learn about the benefits of healthy eating and enjoy cooking and eating new foods.

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 Independent Living Skills

We have a designated kitchen for young people to use the cooker, iron, dishwasher and washing machine to develop their independence skills.

Students are supported to learn about money management. Students use money in the shop, serving customers is an ideal way to develop their understanding of calculations and money.

Students are supported with activities, such as accessing public transport if needed.

Physical Activities

Physical activities is encouraged from ball games, local walks, jogging, obstacle course and horse riding. Students learn about the benefits of healthy living and drug awareness. We are fortunate to be based within the countryside so students benefit from the fresh air and beautiful environment.

Bespoke students are also able to access gym membership off site going to the gym and swimming as part of their curriculum.





Ralph is one of our resident dogs, the students enjoy playing, caring and walking Ralph.



Personal, emotional and social development

Bespoke students benefit from a wide range of activities individually and in groups to support their personal, emotional and social development. This is given a high priority in the work that we do with students. We have a mini assembly at the start of each day called Good Morning Bridge. Topics include-

  • sex, relationships and drug education
  • citizenship and British values of democracy; the rule of law; individual liberty; mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs and for those without faith
  • personal, social and health education
  • spiritual, moral, social and cultural education.






The Bridge is an approved City and Guilds Centre.
Bridge Training & Development is a registered charity No 1122536