Secondary Schools

Vocational Routes for groups of students from Secondary Schools

The Bridge offers vocational qualifications for Year 10 and Year 11 students. Students can attend for an afternoon a week for one or two years.

We offer a broad range of City and Guilds qualifications at Level 1 and Level 2. Subjects include construction, animal care, skills for working life, catering and horticulture. For further information please look at What We Offer.

We work in close partnership with schools and provide daily feedback, regular reports regarding the student’s achievements and efforts.


Bespoke Programmes for Secondary age Students

We offer bespoke programmes for young people who are not engaging in full-time education or for whom the school recognises the need for additional opportunities.

Bespoke students have the opportunity to gain qualifications that are available to the school groups, such as skills for working life, construction and land-based studies. All bespoke students will work towards an in-house qualification called Skills 4 Learning. Units for this qualification include basic psychology, relationships, stress and anger management, citizenship, equality and diversity, healthy lifestyles, team work, mindset, candidate project, bullying, assertiveness, sleep and painting.

We have a comprehensive variety of activities to create an individual educational package based on the students individual needs and interests. As a registered independent school all full-time bespoke student’s will have a curriculum that will meet the government’s regulations. This includes a curriculum that will include English, Maths, technology, science, physical education, careers advice, creative arts and personal, health and social development.

We offer bespoke programmes for students from a half day per week to full time.

These programmes are suitable for students who need support with their emotional and social development. We work in partnership with the school or sending agency to determine learning objectives and create an individual timetable based on the student’s personal, social and emotional development and interests.

Young people will be assessed using the Thrive approach. This is an assessment tool that helps interpret a young person’s behaviour and develop strategies to address their emotional needs. Comprehensive progress reports are sent termly to the school or sending agency.

Students can begin on a one to one basis and will be introduced gradually to work in small groups to provide them with the skills for team working. Regular reviews and monitoring means that the timetable can be adjusted to keep pace with students progress.

Please contact Kath Barclay on 01684 311632 for further information.

 Click here to download our Brochure for Secondary Students

The Bridge is an approved City and Guilds Centre.
Bridge Training & Development is a registered charity No 1122536