Primary Schools

 Working with Yr 6 students

The Bridge provides sessions for Year 6 Primary Students both individually or in small groups who are struggling emotionally and socially at school and who may need additional help to support them as they transition to secondary school.

We use the Thrive Approach, to build students self-esteem, social skills and confidence.  We help children with poor social and emotional development to improve their learning capactity and coping mechanisms. Some of the skills we aim to develop include:

working collaboratively to achieve jointly agreed objectives

negotiating solutions to conflicts using words to describe their feelings and listening to others

being motivated to solve problems and seeing themselves as ‘doers’ with self-initiated goals

being able to manage negative feelings, such as anxiety, sadness and frustration

Perhaps the most significant opportunity the project affords however, is offering young people the chance to become enthused about learning new skills and helping them to engage in education. Through this we hope to foster a love of learning that can be built upon within the school setting. As a result, students benefit in their confidence which supports their transition to secondary school.

Primary school students have a dedicated classroom easily accessible to the outdoor learning opportunities.

Numeracy and Literacy

At the Bridge students develop their numeracy and literacy skills in practical activities. Numeracy can be practiced by weighing and measuring quantities of seeds, pots, bricks, food and counting money when serving customers. Literacy can be secured by reading and writing recipes, shop price list, following instructions and manuals.

Primary School Students benefit from a range of activities chosen to meet the needs and interests of the individual student or group.

Activities include-

Our Toylander Project- Basic Mechanics

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Primary school students have a dedicated workshop where they can build a Toylander. This fully drivable, scale model, Land Rover has many of the features of its full size counterpart and offers children experience in working on a longer term project that encourages perseverance.

The build includes elements of carpentry, mechanics, bodywork and engineering. Once a Toylander is complete, the children will be able to drive it within our grounds. The project is an excellent ‘vehicle’ which enables children to see the relevance of Maths as they tackle mechanical issues, and English as they have to read and interpret instructions whilst also developing speaking and listening skills.

Horticulture and Tractor Driving

2015-03-19 16.50.19

Students grow vegetables in the allotments and poly-tunnel. We also have a small tractor on which students learn co-ordination and navigation skills within a safe and secure environment. students have the opportunity to sell produce they have grown or made in the farm shop and serve customers.

Animal Care

Primary school students have opportunities to care for the animals feeding the pigs, sheep and chickens. Students grow in confidence to handle both the indoor and outdoor animals.

Students get involved in cleaning and caring for a range of indoor animals such as our snake, bearded dragon, gerbils, guinea pigs, birds and fish.


We have a large kitchen for students to learn some cookery skills and activities relating to healthy eating.

Art and craft

Students enjoy a range of creative arts and crafts including pottery.


The timetable is flexible but sessions are usually two hours in length. Students can attend with or without a teaching assistant from school.

We may also be able to provide transportation for schools within a 10 mile radius of the Bridge.

Feedback from schools and parents/carers-

 ‘ By working with The Bridge and as a result of their holistic, yet tailored approach to learning, the rewards…have been remarkable and for that we are extremely grateful; the team have made a difference, the pupils we send can now see a true purpose for learning and challenges do not seem so overwhelming now.
Welland Primary School

“After years of struggling with dyslexia at Primary School, in year 6 our son was offered the opportunity to attend The Bridge.  It transformed my son from a child who would cry at bedtimes and cling on to me in the mornings, such was his dislike of being left at school, he wasn’t able to cope with change, had extremely low self esteem and confidence in his abilities because no matter how hard he tried he was always at the bottom of the class.  After a few weeks of attending The Bridge we noticed a difference, his confidence started to grow, the tears stopped, he realised that learning wasn’t just about what you put down on paper but learning life skills, looking after animals, baking, gardening, driving tractors.  His group worked on a project which was to make a toylander jeep, the 3 boys were delighted at the end of term to be able to show their class mates what they had achieved over the term, it was wonderful to see their pride and enthusiasm.  We believe this experience helped significantly with his move to high school, he has surprised us by getting the bus every day,  taking responsibility for organising his time and homework which has been a major feat. “

Parent of a Primary School student.

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