Construction Courses

Construction, carpentry and basic mechanics.


All students have opportunity to participate in activities within our dedicated construction, carpentry and mechanic workshops. Our bespoke students have  opportunities to gain skills in construction and site maintenance.

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Students from the age of 14 years can learn construction skills and work towards a Level 1 Construction Certificate. Groups of students in year 10 and year 11 from secondary schools can attend one afternoon a week.

The course content includes-

  • health and safety aspects including-identifying hazards. safe handling of equipment and use of Personal Protective Equipment
  • wall construction, brick laying, masonry, plasterwork, mixing concrete, paving, painting different surfaces and repair work
  • how to use carpentry tools, making joints, how to cut different materials and the use of power and hand tools.

Enterprise Projects

This year students have been welding horseshoes together to make boot racks and flower pot racks.


2016-01-26 14.31.05Students have been involved in all stages of this enterprise project, including researching and designing a style, cleaning, welding and painting the horseshoes. Students have calculated the costing’s and marketed the horse shoe racks.



ViviLnk ViviLnk ViviLnk workshop

Students use a variety of tools in the carpentry workshop to make goods, such as bird boxes and signs to sell at market stalls.

Students design and make wooden items for use within the building, such as decorative Christmas trees, fences, benches radiator covers and pelmets.

These activities help students to be involved and valued at the Bridge. Students learn to work together and build on their team work and communication skills.


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In our mechanics workshop students of all ages enjoy building and driving the Toylander, a brand of toy Land Rover, it is a battery powered vehicle kit. Visit to find out more information

Work Experience

Bespoke students have the opportunity to gain work experience in the community on real building jobs. This provides a variety of tasks to extend their construction skills and see what it is like working in the building trade and meeting the needs of customers.

Also our property redevelopment and expansion in recent years at the Bridge gives students lots of opportunities to be involved in construction in a helpful meaningful way.

Bespoke students also go on work experience placements to local builders merchants and garages. Students are supported by our staff to maximise these opportunities.


The Bridge is an approved City and Guilds Centre.
Bridge Training & Development is a registered charity No 1122536